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$500.00 - $1,999.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$20.00 - $50.00/Square Meter
1.0 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$20.00 - $50.00/Square Meter
1.0 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$20.00 - $40.00/Square Meter
1.0 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$689.00 - $709.00/Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)

  Inflatable Pool Cover

The inflatable pool enclosure, sometimes called a bubble or dome – is the simplest way to enclose a swimming pool, and also by far the cheapest method. Pool Domes, similar to small Tennis Domes, are inflated with a large air blower that operates to keep the ‘bubble’ inflated. They are held in place with a water weight system, or a cable that runs thru eye hook deck anchors. Inflatable pool enclosures are ordered in a rectangular size to cover the pool and deck portions, and fit perfectly over our inground vinyl pools! An airlock door (optional) or a zipper door, can be placed in any location. They should be deflated in heavy winds, snow or ice storms, or the weather will do it for you. Afterwards, you pump off the snow melt with a cover pump, and then turn on the blower to re-inflate the bubble. Annual installation takes 2-4 people and spring storage is a half day project of cleaning, drying, folding and storing the bubble. However, at an entry point of less than $5000, inflatable pool enclosures bubbles are an attractive option for many pool owners, and do not represent a long term investment for most folks. View More

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 Flood-proof Car Cover 


This all-inclusive flood-proof car cover is not too troublesome to operate. It only needs to be laid on the ground, then the car is driven in and pulled up with a zipper. This kind of flood-proof car is made of durable PVC tarpaulin material and zipper. they are all waterproof. Even if your garage is flooded, your car will be safely placed in the garage. More intimately, the flood control has 4 fixed buckles to prevent the car from floating in the flood. Cause damage.

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Xianghe Inflatable Products Factory Inception in 2008, XiangHuiHe Working with the very best in air technology, offers unabashed, spirited answers to client briefs.
More Than 10 Years Of Experience
FREE Design Service
TIMELY DELIVERY GuangZhou XiangHe Inflatable Products Factory is situated in the New Nansha District of Guangzhou. It is a professional inflatable product manufacturer engaged in the design, development, production, sales, and operations of inflatable toys.
We provide inflatable toys and high quality models, such as inflatable cartoon figures for advertising purposes, inflatable goals, trampolines, slides, water balls, zorbs, water playgrounds and pools, car covers, and other inflatable products.
Our company has industry-leading equipment, such as double-thread sewing machines, high-temperature welding machines, high-frequency welders, computer-controlled cutting machines, and digital inkjet printers. Also we employ a team of experienced production personnel and management; all of which helps us increase productivity while decreasing costs, and ensuring product quality.
As an inflatable products industry leader in China, we strictly follow standards of service and quality for our products and persist in implementing international design safety standards. These standards include GB 6675-2014, AS 3533.4.1-2005, prEN 14960:2004 (E). Thus we ensure that our products comply with or even go beyond the standards of other products on the same level. With our premium product quality and our assiduous pursuit of providing customer-first services, our products are sold in many countries, and brand awareness as well as product performance are widely respected by industry colleagues and recognized by customers.
With our years of accumulated technological experience, thorough operational management, and our ever-improving environment-friendly design philosophy, we are dedicated to offering you the world's top ranking inflatable products and services regardless of what your project may be. You are most welcome to use the series products of Xianghe and we sincerely ask for your kind promotion of our products.
I. Systematic product pattern
1. Systematic materials
2. Systematic design and development
3. Systematic production
4. Systematic sales services
II. Values
Honesty, innovation, responsibility, dedication
III. Corporate statement
As a company built on honesty, quality, brand name, and services, Xianghe is committed to pushing the development of China's inflatable toys, pushing the application of environment-friendly products, and offering customers a healthy, safe environment of entertainment and recreation. We strive to bring a high-end lifestyle to customers in this low-carbon era.
IV. Our prospect
1. Going beyond the expectations of customers, employees, and partners to build an environment of mutual respect and trust where all of us can make progress together.
2. Upholding a high moral standard, encouraging teamwork and employee participation, and offering customers the world's top ranking quality and services.
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