Customized Inflatable Floating Water Play Park

Inflatable water park is a new water sports project from all over the wolrd. People like this kind of water sports, and enjoy this kinds of water sports. Especially in the summer of a weekend. It is suitable for teens, adults and children more than 10 years old.


Specializing in inflatable for many years.
Experience professional designers and production staff members.
Advances techniques and high-tech equipment.
High quality,competitive price.
Self-owned brand and independent manufacturer.
Professional service before and after sale.



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Inflatable Yacht Slides


Inflatable Yacht Slides


  Inflatable Pool Cover

The inflatable pool enclosure, sometimes called a bubble or dome – is the simplest way to enclose a swimming pool, and also by far the cheapest method. Pool Domes, similar to small Tennis Domes, are inflated with a large air blower that operates to keep the ‘bubble’ inflated. They are held in place with a water weight system, or a cable that runs thru eye hook deck anchors. Inflatable pool enclosures are ordered in a rectangular size to cover the pool and deck portions, and fit perfectly over our inground vinyl pools! An airlock door (optional) or a zipper door, can be placed in any location. They should be deflated in heavy winds, snow or ice storms, or the weather will do it for you. Afterwards, you pump off the snow melt with a cover pump, and then turn on the blower to re-inflate the bubble. Annual installation takes 2-4 people and spring storage is a half day project of cleaning, drying, folding and storing the bubble. However, at an entry point of less than $5000, inflatable pool enclosures bubbles are an attractive option for many pool owners, and do not represent a long term investment for most folks. View More